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We have Cummins Diesel engine parts for major and minor engine overhauling, such as cylinder liner kits, piston and ring sets, top and bottom gasket sets, main and con rod bearing sets, camshaft and crankshaft, inlet and exhaust valves, valve inserts, valve guides, valve spring, timing gear, oil seal kits and bushings, etc.
For assemblies units such as water pump assy, injector assy, turbocharger assy, fuel pump assy, oil pump assy, aftercooler assy, oil cooler assy and etc.
We also have complete parts coverage for Cummins engines models such as M11 and ISM that powered ERF trucks / lorries.
Beside, we have Fleetguard Filters such as air filter, air housing, air oil seperator, oil filter, diesel fuel filter, fuel water separator, water filter, engine coolant for cooling system, air housing assy and etc.

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